Quiet on the Red Shirt Blog…

…but loud as could be in the house of Atayne.

I have not posted in a while, but there is a good reason for that.  The last 2 weeks my nose has been in my computer working on our new web store.  It has been a very time consuming and frustrating process that included inputting nearly 800 individual items by hand.  As much as technology has advanced, there was no automation to this process.

And as I was doing this, I had to pay very close attention to not making errors.  (A tough job especially for someone who thinks of himself as a big picture/idea guy.) One simple mistake could have a ripple effect throughout the entire functionality of the site.

While there was lots of grumbling and complaining while this was in process, the new web store has officially been launched!

The new website and web store is a project that has been in the works for almost a year.  Most web projects do not take that long, but when you are an under-capitalized start-up (that means no money), you have to take small steps forward and get creative with how you are paying your partners.

I would like to invite you to test out the store, maybe even buy something (that is if you need it).  I would love to  hear your thoughts especially on the overall usability and layout.  Feel free to post your ideas, comments, etc. or you can always email me at jeremy@atayne.com.

The New Atayne Web Store

2 responses to “Quiet on the Red Shirt Blog…

  1. Great concept and product! Best of luck.

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