Run with Nature, Not Against It

Over the last couple months, I have mentioned that we will be expanding the graphics we offer on our tops.  As we like to say at Camp Atayne, the Point of View is the Point.

We have several new designs in development, and I thought I would give the readers of the Red Shirt Blog the first sneak peek at one of these designs – Run with Nature, Not Against It.

Stay tuned for when we launch version 2.0 of our POV Performance top with 8 to 10 new graphics at the end of August.

Run With Nature

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

6 responses to “Run with Nature, Not Against It

  1. Hey Jeremy, love your new design! Are you going to offer an xxl in men’s. When I was directing the LLBean 4th July Road Race, the xxl always went fast. There are some larger exercisers out there that you could be marketing to. Just a thought… :O)

    • That is absolutely our plan, and we hope to be able to do it very soon. Unfortunately, factory minimums do not allow us to offer much size variety right now. However, if we continue to get the support we have been getting, it is in the very near future.

  2. Great design!

    I’m curious about other fits as well. Do you plan to offer “compression”-style gear (dare I say similar to UnderArmor) in the future?

    • Thanks Todd. If there is enough demand for recycled compression wear we will definitely go down that road. We are all about providing our friends and fans with all the gear they need.

  3. Jeremy,

    Great stuff, keep up the good work!

    Hey, is there any way (outsourced or otherwise) to do something like this:

    … For example, check out Men > Atheletic Wear > “Men’s Performance Tee”

    I’d love to print up a batch for my crew running an overnight relay.

    Plus, I’m still mystified at the number of road races out there that make cotton tees … jeesh.


    • Thanks kamurai. We now offer a custom program where people can buy our tops and brand them with their group, organization, team, etc. If you want more details give us a call 703-889-8338 or shoot me an email. The link you provided is very cool. We are actually working on something like that for our web store.

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