The Point of View is the Point

“There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why?  I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?”

In my last post, I mentioned that Atayne will be expanding the graphics we offer with the launch of version 2.0 of our tops.  This is something that has generated a lot of excitement from the Atayne community.  We know people’s active pursuits are about more than just running and include cycling, hiking, yoga, paddling, rock climbing, rowing, skiing…the list goes on and on.

It surprises me (although it shouldn’t) that we’re sometimes asked the question, “Why do your shirts all have sayings, statements, or symbols?”  To us, it’s kind of like asking why does your country have a constitution and a flag?

Here is the thing: the point of view is the point.

To us, the alignment of technical excellence with environmental and social consciousness without an obvious point of view is like a beautifully engineered and handcrafted sailboat without a rudder.  Plain and simple, our products wouldn’t exist without the point of view.  In fact, everything we do, we do with a point of view.

  • We don’t just make athletic gear; we make athletic gear from trash.
  • We are not just building a company; we are gathering a community of people who blend determination with talent and set a course toward ambitious dreams.
  • We don’t chase cheap labor around the globe; we look for factories in our backyard to create jobs for the community that is buying our products.
  • We don’t just go out for a run, bike ride, or stroll en route to the gym or yoga; we pick up trash along the way.

There are thousands upon thousands of people who pass day-by-day with plain old shirts emblazoned with the marks and logos of multi-million dollar corporations. But then, there are those, like you and me, with something to say.  It is we, who when united in a shared point of view, create the winds of change.

That’s my point of view, I welcome yours.

9 responses to “The Point of View is the Point

  1. I feel honored that I GET the point of view too. Some of the people who don’t get it, miss out on this not because they are evil people, but they just lack the capacity to see the world this way. Sure they may change in time (hopefully), but I feel happy that my makeup and my history blend to make me one who already understands this.

    The mission and effort is not lost on me guys! It will blossom in my corner of the world (Ohio) into some trash runs, walks, etc soon.

  2. Thanks Mike! It is people like you that will make the dream a reality.

  3. I think there’s going to be a mass awakening of sorts in the near future. The point of view statements is a small but simple way to help it along by generating dialogue, by visually reminding people of things they know but sometimes forget (me included), and hopefully communicating that doing the responsible thing can be fun and healthy. As more people begin ‘connecting the dots’ between our actions and impact, there WILL be greater awareness and action. The POV is tool to help this along. I’m proud to wear my POV shirt AND I’m starting to see a lot of them out on the trails…usually from behind 🙂

    That’s my Point of View

    • I could not have said it better myself. As to the seeing them from behind comment, I would love to take a few shots at you. But I can’t. Not with the running resume you are putting up this year!

  4. No problem Jeremy. It’s because all the REALLY FAST ultra runners are wearing Atayne 🙂

  5. great job, jeremy. can’t wait to see version 2.0. as you prolly remember, i am a huge fan of logos on shirts, et cetera (ha ha), so even better when there’s a POV – and a POV i agree with. 😀

  6. Appropos of nothing (mostly since I just found out about your guys today) I just held Atayne up as a prime example of virtuous marketing. If you’re curious:

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