Will Run for Reading

A little over a week ago, I had the pleasure of being introduced to Devon Crosby-Helms.  If you follow ultra-running, you may have come across her.  If you have not, she is an up and comer in the sport.

The point of this post is not to talk about her running talent, of which she has plenty.  It is to talk about her character.  Devon and I spoke about Atayne sponsoring her to support her running goals.  During the conversation we spoke a lot about personal values.  At Camp Atayne, we think values are the strongest thing we have, and once we compromise those, we really have nothing.  It is important for us that when we get involved with athletes (or any partners in this journey, for that matter), they share similar values.  By the end of my conversation with Devon, I had no questions about our shared values.

A couple days after our conversation, Devon and a couple of her ultra-running friends embarked on a journey to run to all 27 libraries in the Seattle Public Library System.  This run would take them nearly 70 miles through the city of Seattle.  The point of their journey was simply to raise awareness for the system’s new Library Passport program.

For details on their run, check out Devon’s blog or the write up in the Seattle PI .

I wanted to share this story because I think it is another great example of using the power of an active lifestyle to inspire positive change.  I have written in the past about running for trash (Part I, II, and III) , now I write about running for reading.  I would encourage everyone to find a way to use his or her passion of running, cycling, hiking, yoga, or whatever it may be to create positive change.  Just make sure you share your adventures with us!

P.S. With the 60+ miles they covered, we have a new record for the longest consecutive run in an Atayne top.  The most total miles likely still goes to our good friend Tommy Neeson.

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