2009 Preliminary Designs

Here’s a sneak peak at our 2009 Men’s and Women’s Designs.  In the coming weeks and months, we will:

  • Expand the POV (point of view) statements we offer on our performance tops.  If you have ideas, please let us know!
  • Launch our Trash Tee allowing races and organizations to customize their own Atayne recycled performance top.
  • Introduce men’s and women’s bottoms into the Atayne line.


Men's POV Top

Men's POV Top

Men's Trash Tee

Men's Trash Tee

Men's Tread Lite Shorts

Men's Tread Lite Shorts

Men's Rec Shorts

Men's Rec Shorts


Women's POV Top

Women's POV Top

Women's Trash Tee

Women's Trash Tee

Women's Tread Lite Short

Women's Tread Lite Shorts

Women's Dirt Skirt

Women's Dirt Skirt

12 responses to “2009 Preliminary Designs

  1. I can’t really tell from the pics, but will the shorts be having pockets? That’s an absolute must for stashing trash (Gu packets, etc) on a run. I’m sure the designs have already been worked on and you’re possibly already into production, but my preference is big rear pockets with some sort of closure system.

    Looking forward to seeing the new designs and the implementation of the “give us your old technical tees” program, or whatever it’s official name may be.

    • Hey Bobby, You and me both love pockets. The shorts have front slash pockets and a back pocket that is built into the waist band. This pocket works amazingly well at keeping whatever is in there secure and stable. My original intent for this pocket was to carry a bag to pull out at the end of your run and pick up trash but it also works very well for gel packs.

      The take back program should be coming soon!!!

      P.S. I love your blog.

  2. Any chance of a men’s singlet? With the hot Texas weather, any sleeve at all is often too much….

  3. Love the dirt skirt! Can’t wait until the new products are available.

  4. Any chance you can make longer shorts for women? I love the men’s style that you have above, but the women’s shorts are much too short for my taste…I can’t seem to find any one who makes longer trail running shorts for women! Thanks for allowing the input!

    • Thanks Kim. That is something we will strongly consider and hopefully it is something you will see in our line very soon. In my opinion, a longer short has a much more multi-functional use, something we are striving for with our products.

  5. Jonarhan Alexander

    Hey Jeremy the new stuff looks good!

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  7. skirts look awesome. any chance those skirts come with bunhuggers/panties built in instead of the more common short liners? i still don’t get the point of wearing both shorts and a skirt. kind of defeats the purpose on a hot summer day. and by just having panties, it’s less fabric….less is good, no?

    • Thanks Amy! We are actually hoping to be able to do an inter-changeable liner to give the skirt more functionality. People can choose whether they want panties, shorts, and/or a bike chamois. The goal is to create something people can use for a variety of activities instead of having to own several different skirts/shorts.

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