The Milestones I Live For

Things have been pretty exciting around Camp Atayne the last few weeks.  Unfortunately, that is one reason why my activity on the blog has slowed a bit.  I apologize for the silence and hope to get back on my weekly routine.

Atayne has achieved some great milestones over the last few weeks.  Sales are picking up very nicely, and we are off to a great holiday season.  If you did not receive the most recent newsletter, check it out here to see our holiday giving promotions.

We are starting to get some great mentions in the media.  Trail Runner magazine gave us a great review in their December 2008 “Green Issue.”

Trail Runner Atayne Review
Trail Runner Atayne Review

We have also received some fantastic mentions in a variety of holiday gift giving guides:

As the leader of a start-up, these are the type of milestones I live for, right?  The answer to that question is yes…and no.  Let me explain.

Getting exposure and making money is important.  It enables us to grow and continue our operations.  But let me be very clear.  I did not start Atayne to get rich. If I did, I must be doing something wrong because I have not gotten a real paycheck in over a year.  My future may look bright, but right now I get way too excited for a free lunch or beer (I want to put the emphasis on the beer for anyone I may meet).

Why did I start Atayne?  To inspire positive environmental and social change through the power of sports and active lifestyles.  Selling environmentally sensitive and people safe performance and lifestyle gear is what allows us to fulfill this vision.

Where am I going with this?  While the typical milestones are important and get me very excited, it is really a whole different type of milestone that keeps me going and gets me up in the morning.

Last week I was in New York.  Becca and I had just finished a workout at the Greenpoint (Brooklyn) YMCA. (My knee is in recovery mode, post-Maine marathon.) I was, of course, wearing an Atayne top (glacier blue, 4Rs).  While waiting for Becca to come out of the locker room, I was stopped by another gym-goer upon seeing my shirt. He asked, “Did you get that at a race expo?”

I replied, “No, I actually started the company.”

He smiled and responded, “Very cool, I bought one last weekend at the Philadelphia Marathon.  I love it.”

This was the first time I had been randomly approached by an Atayne customer.  I have to say the energy I got from that conversation is enough to drive me through 2009.  He had no idea I was the founder; he was just starting a random conversation about Atayne.  I am not sure why he felt compelled to start it, but I have to imagine it is because he is an Atayne fan in the making.

When you place an order or if you already have, please know that the greatest enjoyment for me does not come from money going into our bank account (although it is nice).  It comes from knowing you believe in what we are doing and that we hopefully inspired you to make your own positive impact on the world.

P.S. Just so everyone knows, my favorite beer is Gritty McDuffs while in Maine and Sam Adams or Guinness while anywhere else.

7 responses to “The Milestones I Live For

  1. Jeremy,
    I look forward to buying you a beer (or two) at Busboys and Poets’ Organic Beer Happy Hour on some Wednesday in the near future. (article re the happy hour –

    Congrats on the great milestone… the similar moments I’ve had my website really do keep me going. 🙂

  2. Hi Jeremy, good read…so you want some Gritty McDuff beer for Christmas!

    Congratulations on your media exposure! That’s pretty cool that someone approached you, out of the blue, about Atayne. I still believe…

  3. Thanks Jill and Bryon. A nice cold beer is always something to look forward to. Thanks for both of your continued support.

  4. Jeremy,

    Great post and congrats. What a cool feeling! Ran to the gym in the rain this morning with Joel S., sporting my 4R’s top ;), and back in the rain. Under a shell, most shirts get clammy, but Atayne stays dry…(like a Right Guard commercial, eh?)

    The Atayne crew is welcome over on the Eastern Shore for runs and/or beers any time, man. We’ll introduce you to Dogfish Head Ale…

  5. A run on the Eastern Shore followed by beers? Sounds like an outstanding day to me! There is no doubt we need to make it happen very soon. Thanks for your continued support Mike!

  6. That’s so awesome, Jeremy! You all are what others should aspire to be, and are the mold of the future.

    Gritty’s Halloween ale is on my top five beers list, however Shipwreck’s Halloween beer is numero uno. The four of us need to do a repeat of beer and karaoke the next time I’m in town. Good times! I hope you all are having a great time at Eco Gift!

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