Back from the Brief Silence

For those of you who follow my blog and look forward to my posts (I am pretty sure there are a few of you out there other than my mom, dad, and girlfriend), I apologize for the recent silence.  Despite the lack of noise on the blog, things have been very loud and exciting in the house of Atayne.

Inventorying in the basement

Inventorying in the basement

The day that I have anticipated for the last 15 months finally arrived: at 9:30am on Thursday, August 21 the first shipment of Atayne product arrived!  The following 4 days I spent nearly every waking hour inspecting and inventorying the shipment.  This was not and easy task as I was confined to a small room, in a basement.  Just one of the many joys of being an entrepreneur.

Plastic waste from a small product order

Plastic waste from a small product order

The shipment acceptance process was an eye opener.  Upon opening the first box, I realized that every shirt was individually wrapped in a plastic bag.  Every single shirt!  ”What waste,” is all I could think about as I opened each bag.  But then I realized this was yet another opportunity to create a positive change, industry-wide.  My goal is to work with my already socially responsible manufacturer to find a better way to ship, but still protect product from water damage during shipping.

My first thought, “How does Patagonia (one of the greenest companies out there) handle shipping?”  I soon learned from a former Patagonia employee that all Patagonia products are individually shipped in plastic (from manufacturing site to retail).  An opportunity for Atayne to raise the bar to benefit people and planet! I love it.

The Atayne Event Set

The Atayne Event Set

The following weekend (Labor Day) Atayne officially launched sales at the Virginia Beach Rock n’ Roll ½ Marathon.  We loaded our event set and 5 bins of product into the Civic Hybrid (a very tight fit) and headed out for the weekend.

Not really knowing what to expect, I would say it turned out to be a great launch.  We sold Atayne tops to strangers who had never heard of Atayne — and who were not hard-core environmentalists.  People were genuinely excited about the brand and products. (Two people left our booth wearing the shirts. And several planned to wear them during the half-marathon.)

To my Atayne investors, nothing indicated excitement more than consumers willingness to pay full retail price for a premium top — in the face of heavily discounted apparel by brands like Nike and Brooks a few steps away, AND in the midst of an economic downturn.

On top of that we raised nearly $500 on behalf of Tommy Neeson.  Be sure to check in on Tommy. He is now in Connecticut, arriving in NYC on September 11.

Mike after the Dances with Dirt 50k Race

Mike after the Dances with Dirt 50k Race

And to cap off a busy 10 days, I (and Atayne) moved out of the basement!  We are now above ground with a great new home office and Mike is officially my sugar daddy (I think I should be scared).

On the horizon: Web sales coming as soon as we can get the technology sorted out as well as more events.  Make sure you check the schedule online so you can stop by and visit.

Once again thanks for everyone’s support.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.  It’s not.”
-Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

11 responses to “Back from the Brief Silence

  1. Thanks for breaking the silence. It’s great to hear that the Atayne’s shirt are receiving such a great response. I wore my reduce/reuse/recycle/run tee-shirt when I was back on the campus of Haverford College this weekend and the students there loved it! So far my run hard, tread lightly shirt is performing great. I’m anxiously awaiting the launch of online sales, so I can pick up some shirts for others.

  2. Looking forward to October 4th when we will move you up even higher then ground level. Thats when you will be reminded of your old VACANT second floor room.

  3. I love that people bought and then immediately wore their shirts. It’s happening!!

  4. Way to go Jeremy and Mike! Must have felt great to be there in VA Beach and be “official.” Hoping to pick up some shirts before our Rise Up Runners team heads to Vermont at the end of the month for the Vermont 50. Keep up all the good works!

  5. Congratulations Jeremy! For your shirt sales and for moving out of the basement…I just moved out of the basement too! We’re both moving up in the world. I have been patiently waiting for you to write on your blog, I enjoy reading what’s been going on with you and your business…and the comments. I can’t wait to buy a shirt…LOL…do they come in PINK! Your proud aunt.

  6. Finally we’re hearing from you again. So happy that you have received some shirts!! I know they will sell well and I am so proud of you and all you are doing. See you in Maine during your October visit.
    Love you, Mammie

  7. Great Job, Jeremy! I always knew that you would do something good to make a difference in this world. (maybe I should say GREAT!)
    One thing Jeremy, when you mentioned your mom, dad, and girlfriend. Don’t forget another one of your biggest fans- Mammie- she checks your site every single day, and to say that she’s proud of you is an understatement!

  8. Atayne is at the top of my holiday shopping list! Jeremy – Congrats on your new digs and your new sugar daddy.

  9. I just ordered my first shirt!!! I’ll wear it proudly!!! Can’t wait to get it… :O)

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  11. Best place to find a shipper for this is probably the Co-Op America Business Network Email list.

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