The Business Behind it All

I have had a few people reach out to me and ask, “How are you going to make this happen?” Without revealing too much or being too verbose, I am posting a few excerpts from my Executive Summary. If you are interested in finding out more, please feel free to drop me an email –

Business and Company Overview
Atayne is a brand of performance apparel launched to fill a void in the sporting goods market: technically advanced clothing and accessories that are safe for both people and the planet. Atayne employs a fundamentally different approach than the traditional industry model in developing its apparel line: guided by the Cradle-to-Cradle™ design philosophy of William McDonough and Michael Braungart, Atayne uses sports industry waste (worn performance garments and discarded plastic water bottles from races) to create the primary fabric, recycled polyester, for its products. Additionally, Atayne designs all of its products to avoid the use of materials that pose harm to factory workers and product users.

On its path to creating the performance sports organization of the future, Atayne will redefine success in the textile and apparel industry by operating under a simple mantra: One with Performance, One with People, One with Planet.

One with Performance: Design products that help wearers perform at their best; make a healthy profit; and drive positive change in the industry.

One with People: Provide employees with a world-class work environment; partner with like-minded business partners; avoid harmful chemicals and materials; and provide support to the local and global community.

One with Planet: Operate under a model that reduces energy, water, harmful chemicals, emissions, and industrial and consumer waste; eliminate the use of virgin, synthetic materials; and support efforts to combat climate change and promote environmental preservation.

The Product Line
Atayne will fulfill the apparel and accessory needs of eco-conscious athletes as they pursue their athletic and life goals. Initially, the line will be developed using recycled polyester and activated carbon, with the recognition that fabric composition will change as the sustainable textile industry advances.

The primary benefits of the line are technical superiority and environmental consciousness. From a performance standpoint, recycled polyester provides the moisture wicking properties of virgin polyester, while the embedded activated carbon particles will enhance moisture management, provide anti-microbial and odor control, enhance thermal regulation, offer UV protection, and eliminate static charge build-up. Atayne’s products will also have a dramatically lower environmental impact than the industry norm. Atayne estimates production energy savings of over 75% and CO2 emissions reduction of over 70% when compared to traditional processes. Additionally, in its first five years, Atayne will avoid using the petroleum equivalent of having several hundred cars on the road and divert hundreds of tons of waste from entering landfills—doing its part to help address climate change and pollution.

Atayne will launch in Washington, DC in July 2008, with a product line that will include a men’s and a women’s performance top. In early 2009, Atayne will launch in select markets nationally with an expanded line that includes tops, shorts, pants, and jackets, laying the groundwork for a full line of apparel and accessories.

The Market
The opportunity for a sustainable performance sportswear brand becomes readily apparent when one considers the convergence of two significant market-driving trends: the green movement and the increasing number of people aspiring to live more active lifestyles. At the center of the convergence of these trends is a consumer group called the Game Changers (sub-segment of the LOHAS market), an ambitious and achievement-oriented group who are always trying to beat yesterday — beat yesterday’s race time, work result, or commitment to changing the world. The Game Changers demand high quality products that are aligned with their values—compromises are rarely tolerated. However, the current market offerings of performance sportswear are forcing the Game Changers to compromise, choosing between planet and performance.

4 responses to “The Business Behind it All

  1. Jeremy – great and long overdue concept. I look forward to following your progress and to sporting some fresh Atayne gear when you launch. Best of luck and keep me posted! –Mike V.

  2. rewash says : I absolutely agree with this !

  3. Thanks guys. I hope you stay with us for the ride.

  4. Love it. I’m in there like swimwear (although I realize I’ll probably have to wait a little while for actual swimwear).

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